Essential Oils for Dogs & Their People

My first introduction to essential oils was at a dog trainer’s conference.   I chatted with the rep for a while, smelled some of the products, and left without buying anything.  Surely dogs didn’t need this stuff.   Sometime later, I had a dog with an anxiety issue we were unable to help sufficiently with training.   So I called her, chatted for over 2 hours and placed an order – with nothing to lose but a few dollars.  To my surprise, we had a breakthrough. Read More

Essential oils

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If you're using essential oils not backed by a seed to seal quality guarantee, you are missing out.

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The Young Living Farms

Your essential oils experience will be directly related to the quality of the oils you use. We recommend Young Living® because they own and operate their own farms. Young Living controls the entire process from seed selection to planting, cultivation and distillation. There is no other essential oils company on the planet that provides the quality guarantee that Young Living provides!

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Yoga And Essential Oils;

Yoga And Essential Oils

Yoga is a journey to wellness through body, breath, movement, and meditative awareness.  It is both emotional and spiritual.

Yoga And Essential Oils
August 2, 2017
Tick Removal and Essential Oils;

Tick Removal and Essential Oils

Tick Removal and Essential Oils There has been a crazy hot debate over the last few days about essential oils and tick […]